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  • Business Type: Brick Machine Manufacturer
  • Contact Person: Mr. K. Nanda Gopal (CEO)
  • Address: No.30, Amman Kovil Street, Venkitapuram, G. C. T.Post, Coimbatore.
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clay brick making machine

Hydraulic Triple Vibrator system EGG Laying system (Semi Automatic) With 8.5 Hp Electric Motor (500 – 800) CHB Per hour. It is an egg laying hydraulic concrete block making machine on wheels, which will lay blocks on the concrete floor and move to the laying. Any type of concrete blocks can be produced with consistent quality by fixing different types of concrete mould and ram into the machine. Our new spares are readily available to replace the wearing parts which are interchangeable.

SINGLE VIBRATOR: A regular machine with one vibrator to the mould.

DOUBLE VIBRATOR: Existing single vibrator mould machine can be converted into double vibrator system by adding one more vibrator to the mould.

TRIBLE VIBRATOR: The concrete in the mould is heavily compacted by applying vibrations from top through ram and double vibrator at the mould. Highly compacted blocks bring very good compressive strength, low water absorption even at lean mix ratios.

Customers can avail the expertise developed through years of practical experience, from our technically qualified personal in putting up the plant, right from the layout up to marketing of the blocks.


  Expo/HL1-1060 Expo/HL2-1060 Expo/HL3-1060
Power Total 7 H.P- 3 phase 7 H.P- 3 phase 8.5 H.P- 3 phase
Hydraulic Pump 5 H.P.– 1440 rpm 5 H.P.– 1440 rpm 5 H.P.– 1440 rpm
Vibrator (Back) 1.5 H.P. – 2880 rpm 2 H.P. – 2880 rpm 2 H.P. – 2880 rpm
Propeltion 0.5 H.P. – 1440 rpm 0.5 H.P. – 1440 rpm 0.5 H.P. – 1440 rpm
Mould Ram Vibrator --------Nill--------- ---------Nill--------- 1 H.P. – 2880 rpm
Weight (approx) 1000 K.G 1050 K.G 1100 K.G
Operating Pressure 140 Kg/cm2
Drive 25: 1 Worm reduction Gear Box & Chain through Front Wheel.
Moulding Area 1060 X 600 mm.
Weight 1050 kg without mould approx.
Dimensions 2150 X 1500 X 2000 mm
Max.Block Height 250mm
  • 200 X 200 X 400 (8 inch) - 250to300/hour
  • 150 X 200 X 400 (6 inch) - 300to360/hour
  • 100 X 200 X 400 (4 inch) - 500to600/hour
    50 to 60 strokes /hour

**Specifications are subject to change for improvement (like Solid block, U blocks, Column block, hollow block, Facial block, Window block, Concrete bricks and Paver block). Machine can be supplied as per customer’s specific requirements.

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