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clay brick making machine


Face Mix Base Mix
Capacity 100 Kg/Batch 200 Kg/Batch
Power 2 HP Motor
1440 RPM
3 HP Motor
1440 RPM
Drum Speed 35 RPM 35 RPM
Drum Size 700 MM Dia X 350 MM Height 1000 MM Dia X 350 MM Height
Wear Lining Granite Clad or Steel Plates Granite Clad or Steel Plates
Dimension L*B*H 1210*910*1050 MM 1350*910*1050 MM
Total Weight 320 Kg 430 Kg


Note: Vibro form Table cement tile is having two layers, first Color Mix layer and Second one Base mix.
1. Prepare color mix by pan mixer with Color Pigments, Cement, Sand & Granite Chips as per ratio.
2. Prepare Base Mix by Concrete Mixer / Pan mixer with Cement, Sand and Granite Chips.
3. Pour measured color mix into the rubber mould and place it on the first Vibro form Table Machine, by the Special type of vibration the mould automatically moves to the end of the machine.
4. Fill the mould with base mix and pass through the second Vibro form Table machine.
5. Collect rubber moulds from the end of second Vibro form Table machine with a plain sheet for normal.
drying for 6 to 12 hours ( time will vary as per climate conditions)
6. Strip out the tiles from the moulds after drying.

DESIGNER TILES -Manufacturing Machines & Rubber Moulds

clay brick making machine

Laying instructions for Vibro form Table floor tiles:

1. Prepare the base mortar In a cement and sand ratio of 1:4.
2. Set the levels and slopes of the floor as specified by the architect/contractor.
3. Spread thick slurry mixture of cement and water on the leveled base mortar.
4. Wet the backside of the tile with water.
5. Clean the surface of the tile with clear water and sponge, immediately after laying.
6. The laid area should be left undisturbed for at least 24 hours
7. To obtain a clean surface, wash the surface with soap water or mild detergent.



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